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How to Avoid Roofing Disasters

roofing disasters

Your roof is the first line of defense against the high winds, heavy rain, sleet and more.

Conduct a complete inspection inside and out every spring to avoid costly problems later on.

Key danger signals that indicate your roof is not properly protecting your home:

Water –
Check for leaks in the attic after heavy rains
Inspect walls and ceilings
Peeling of interior or exterior paint
If more ventilation is needed, it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to install-even if you don't need a new roof.

Key danger signals that indicate your roof is not properly protecting your home:

Cracks in flashing around the chimney and vents
Worn-out, decayed or missing shingles
Check your gutters for debris
Check for any missing, cracked or curled shingles
Shingles that are blistered, decayed or "dirty looking need to be replaced

After your inspection, If you find any of these potential problems, the first and most important step to take is to find a competent roofing contractor.

Let us come check out your roof for any damage. We'll give you a free estimate for any roof repairs you may need. Call today 520-308-2175.

2 Responses

  1. AJ
    What about a water stain on the ceiling inside? It's been there a while but hasn't gotten any worse since last year (or even the year before, maybe). I assume it's from a leak in the roof, but if it's not changing... should I be worried about it? Could it have just happened with some really high winds one time (it's a tile roof), but not necessarily mean that there is a bigger problem?
  2. EPDM Roofing
    Your roof is your shield against nature’s destructive forces. You want it to stay intact. However, like any other shield, roof has weak spots, and it can fail. Whether you’re installing new roofing or working to repair an older roof, make sure you have the right kind of tools e.g. Liquid EPDM Rubber.

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